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Friday, September 30, 2005


Just got back from seeing this movie. And while, yes I loved it and highly recommend it, even to those who haven't seen the tv show, there was something...something that left me disappointed. I wanted more. I was just getting to know/love the characters on Firefly when the show was dropped. The ship was familiar and now this movie....again, the ship is familiar, but the characters act a little different. They have to, it's a 2 hour movie, not a never ending series.
This from Stephanie Zacharek, pretty much mirrors my feelings.

**My problem, I think, is that "Serenity" dredges up some of the same feelings I have when a movie adaptation of a book I love just doesn't measure up. I'm so used to "reading" Whedon in the long form -- so used to riding the rhythms of his television series, rhythms he sustains beautifully week after week, season after season -- that "Serenity," as carefully worked out as it is, feels a bit too compact, truncated. That's less a failing on Whedon's part than a recognition of the way TV, done right, can re-create for us the luxury of sinking into a good, long novel. I hope Whedon makes many more movies (and there's the enticing possibility that "Serenity," if it does well, will be the beginning of a franchise). Faced with a big screen, Whedon knows exactly what to do with it. But the small one needs him, too. Of all the pleasures TV watching has to offer, he has perhaps tapped the greatest one: that of waiting on the docks, anxious to find out what happens next.

I am definitely glad that the bizarro accents were muted, but the foreign language references that became as familiar as words like "rodeo" or "quesadilla" were missed.

I will definitely be buying the dvd set of Firefly and working my way through all of the reviews in the coming days. Daniel Drezner has a number of links. As does Instapundit and probably every other geek on the internet like me. I'll see it a second time and really - do, go see it! It's worth it.

Able Danger

Interesting goings on from Captain Ed. One of those stories that if it were anyone else I'd say "come on, this can't be true" .

Katrina etc.

Hugh Hewitt put things in perspective on his radio show the other day. Apparently he's doing it for PBS too. (via Powerline) Short version, if the media couldn't get the real story out in New Orleans, USA - how on earth can we trust their version of events in Iraq?

ps, this is a must read by Peggy Noonan.

Judith Miller

goes free. (yes, powerline is hitting them all today)


Not getting any better. via Instapundit.

Delay's indictment

Powerline asks "why now?"

Thursday, September 29, 2005


We ARE winning this! The Star Tribune in MN even posts a positive story. via Powerline an Interview with reservest Jeff Vold by Katherine Kersten

**Vold knows the painful cost of aborting a mission midstream. He was in Somalia in early 1994 when America turned tail. "We abandoned the Somali people because we took 18 casualties in October 1993," he said. "It was a shameful act." That same year, he sat in frustration on a troop ship off Kenya as hundreds of thousands of people were hacked to death in Rwanda. After the first Gulf War, he says, we left the Shiites to a bloody fate. "In Iraq, we're going to stay the course against the terrorists and give the people a chance at freedom and a representative government."**

May we really, stay this course. Thank goodness we still have three years of a President determined to do what's right. Because check this out!!!!! Bit by bit, little by little, the Iraqi's are taking over!

Letter from Zarqawi

via Iowahawk


Three things to note here:
1 - I've always had trouble following the money scandals, so I don't bother. I figure everyone does it. Which doesn't make it right, but makes me not read more than the headlines. However, I have to say that Delay's newest scandal, (remember his last one that disappeared with the appearance of Democrats doing exactly the same thing wrong!!! Travelgate) just makes arguing with people a big pain in the neck. Those airy phrases of "this administration is steeped in corruption" just become more difficult. May all the rest of the GOP be lily white. And may we all remember the Chuck Schumer case that is ONLY being followed by bloggers. ht Powerline

2 - Dinocrat's take on McCain. lol

3 - Pork and killing the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. via Right Wing News. While what he's saying may be true about people not really liking it etc so now would be a good time to let it die, it took forever to come up with this bill! If it dies, it's dead and gone. Remember that prescriptions are generally preventative medicine. A prescription drug bill must also SAVE the taxpayers money in the long run by helping to prevent things like clogged arteries etc.

The big protest

by Lileks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fun with Mary Mapes

via Powerline.


I missed going to the Serenity prescreening last night, but Vodkapundit enjoyed it. All I know is that Joss is a genius and the TV show was great so it must be worth it.


Well here it is, via california conservative. This is the straw. I've been a Democrat my whole life and I keep thinking that if I stay in the party I can affect change through the primaries etc. I keep thinking this can be the party of Liebermans and Millers. But there is only so much I can take and this sort of dumba** insulting bull sh** lies concerning the President of this country is it. I am refiling today and letting my representatives know about it.

Captain Ed carries the story too and notes how these comments are not being carried by the msm.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fighting terrorism

by way of the courts. 27yrs, 6yrs, 7yrs. Kind of like robbing a 7/11 or something.


Louisiana looking for cash. Lots of cash.

Cool picture

The leader of the ANSWER rally.

War for Women rights

War on terror. 6 in one, 1/2 dozen the other.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Big Government

Steyn and big government.

Lileks and pork.


Gives up. Hopefully for good.


The Lawsuit regarding the hurricane barrier.

The death toll in the stadium.

The MSM's accountability in all of this.


Lets, see, Howard, then Bush, then Blair and now the center-right in Poland.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


is having some trouble communicating. "That's not what I meant"....

Detecting Cancer

through nanotechnology. Cool.

Protesters in DC

300,000 or
100,000 or
Here are some visualization techniques.
and here is the crowd yesterday. I'm going with 30,000.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


On Strategies. Everyone's got one.


Blowing itself up now.

Come on Ken

This is the type of responses I've gotten from him too on a variety of issues. Do you suppose that will change now that he's famous on Instapundit?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging

This is Gertie.

Ted Turner

On North Korea's payroll.

Iraqi constitution

Good news. Ali al-Sistani is supporting it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Powerline has a very logical argument for drilling in ANWR. ANWR has an estimated 7-8 billion barrels of oil. At our current rate of consumption of 17million barrels per day (found here) we'll have a little over a years worth of oil up there. That's good.

However - the reasons given for drilling are to keep prices down.
Prices- right now- are at the point where people are pinching. They are starting to conserve and starting to think about what they can do to differently. This is where prices need to stay for awhile. It's now that will cause people to think about alternatives to oil. Yes, there is still tons of it out there including the shale in Colorado, but yes it is a finite source. (There were only so many prehistoric animals that died and left us oil.) Now is the time to let prices inflate a little so new ideas can make a mint. Cheaper solar, easier wind, doable hydrogen. Whatever it is. Smart people will work on it in order to make some serious money.

Paradigms say that Republicans are owned by big oil, so they will always choose oil over environment. But frankly, the way that everyone, Dems and Reps whine about the price of gas, there is no way a party could stay in office without doing something to reduce the price of oil. So even if the dems were in office, they too would be fighting to open up ANWR in order to reduce prices. NOT to reduce demand on foreign oil, but to reduce current prices. IF gas drops back to $1.50 because we open up ANWR do you really believe that we the people will forgo the big vehicles and the big houses and the multiple trips to the grocery store that is 4 blocks away? I don't. Keep gas at $3/gallon and yes that will happen. Remember the Ford Fiestas that came out of the last crisis?

I'm ok with opening up ANWR for the emergency use. ie. Saudi Arabia decides to sell all of its oil to China and leave us out. But that means you get the mechanisms in place and then let it sit. Congress isn't proposing that, or even another refinery, (which is another reason for higher prices due to the shutdowns in the south). They are proposing more drilling.

Powerline is correct in this statement:
Senator Clinton is absolutely correct that the solution to today's insufficient supply of oil, and resultant high prices, lies in "the minds that are ingenious in America." But those minds are going to bring us more plentiful petroleum long before they produce hydrogen fuel cell cars.

I agree right up until the "price" is higher than we're willing to pay. What price is that? Have you seen Weld County? It's dotted with wells and I'm still ok with that. Will I be ok with it, if that scene is played out in Boulder county in the mountains? I'm not so sure. Wyoming? I'm ok with it looking like an energy supplier to the rest of the country. Alaska? I'm not so sure.

Where is the line? Should we be crossing it now with large open space houses and hummers in existence still? I don't think so.

Pork Update

From Instapundit because it has John Salazar being hilarious. I have high hopes for Ken, so Ken....?

Trends in Iraq

This is sounding positive.

Progress in Sudan

Maybe with a new Unity Government.

Maybe not with more and new violence.

Not real clear why from the BBC story, "The peace deal does not affect the separate conflict in the western region of Darfur, where rebels continue to clash with the army and pro-government militias."


The Belmont Club has a link to Bill Roggio's flash summary of operations that have been going on this late summer. Run the flash program first (found directly here, just click on the map) and then read Wretchard's commentary.

While you have to figure the army knows what they are doing, I know I had never put it all together.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


On the German elections.

Monty Python

This shouldn't be funny - but I can not help but picture that scene in "The Life of Brian" when they were talking about who the enemy was. Rome, The People's Front of Judea, or the Judean People's Front or.....until they couldn't even think who they were!

A hearty "Life's a piece of shit...." sent out to Zarqawi today!


Sounds like potentially shoddy construction here.


You have by now heard of this movement started by Glenn Reynolds and NZBear. I recommend you click the links and see where your state stands. It was interesting.

But wouldn't you agree that this Nasa visit to the moon for 104 billion dollars is about 100 billion dollars of pork that could go to that 200 billion dollars promised to rebuild the south????

I am all for exploration and space travel and nanotech etc, etc, but 104 billion to go the moon again? When the money is clearly needed elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Julie Myers

If Michelle Malkin is right, then Julie Myers isn't the right choice here. Of course the President hasn't ever been serious about immigration.


Like Vodkapundit, I've tried to come up with something meaningful to write about Germany this weekend, but really couldn't find it. Anyway, Stephen Green has some thoughts.

Paying for Katrina

Porkbusters. Finding pork and getting rid of it. 15billion dollars found already. Yes, 15 billion!

Communication Technology

These legislators deserve their paychecks. (assuming they actually present some concrete numbers to congress and don't just write things down for the Washington Post)

Do satellite phones need boosters on the ground that could get blown down?
What do walkie talkie work off of?

Monday, September 19, 2005


Interesting news item about how things are being fought right now.

Weekend Re-cap

May we live in interesting times!

North Korea

Agrees to give up nuclear weapons ambitions in exchange for some aid.


helping the Chinese government gets some attention in the Washington Post. (ht: Instapundit)


On the Roberts confirmation hearings.
Apparently the NYT's doesn't think he deserves the nomination because he didn't answer questions.


Before I said he had class. I'm not sure what happened to him on Saturday but it really grinds me when 3 years out, everyone is happy that the Iraqi's are going to vote and have a constitution and living in some semblance of freedom and a
brand new criticism of Bush is WMD and we shouldn't have invaded. Please.

UPDATE: The reason this blog is as it is, with lots of links and short commentary is illustrated nicely here. While I sputter and spurt at whatever (in this case Clinton), Powerline comes along and gives it their all with actual readable sentances and quotes. What they said.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Picture from Powerline that says 1000 words.

Zarqawi continuing to threaten Sunnis to not vote.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Mahmoud Maawad

Is arrested in Tennessee. Michelle Malkin has a number of news links. And Glenn Reynolds has an interesting tie in perhaps.



Wouldn't it be nice if this were going to be the last hurricane blog?

Today we have Victor Davis Hanson talking about the media storm.

And Lou Dolinar discussing all the things that went right. While not being an apologist for everything that went wrong, his quote here is, well, quotable.

"The response to the real threat of Katrina, other words(sic), was immediate and massive -it just wasn't the response the media wanted, expected or was spoon-fed at a press conference."

You've probably heard by now that Cindy Sheehan wants the military out of New Orleans. She deserves no more minutes of fame, but Powerline points out some odd associations she has that really ought to get out there.

Here is a story about the rebuilding of lives with a pretty good system. Capitalism.

Friday, September 16, 2005


On the UN.


This actually sounds like a 'take charge' sort of attitude is going on over there. Good for them. May it work. Not only for them, but for us. I listened to an Apache Helicopter pilot yesterday at a Lion's club meeting here in town and the main thing he wanted us to take home was that what we're seeing in the media, while true, is true mainly for a spot with about a six mile radius. The country is moving forward. Bit, by bit. He suggested that with Ramadan coming up and in particular September 19th that more and worse violence can be expected but we're doing alright over there.
So be strong!

Marine Core Ball

is coming up and Hugh Hewitt will be posting a spot to donate. Apparently the Marines are washing cars to raise money for it this year. Washing cars? I say, let's donate.

The Speech

The President's speech last night actually was very good and reminds us that he should not be allowed to wing his speeches at other times! lol
I liked the suggested new initiatives:
Urban homestead act
incentives for entrepeneours (sp?)
$5000 to help jobless

He agreed that government needs to do a better job especially as to how this reflects on what could happen if there was a terrorist attack someplace. (without good local leaders - my addition)

He noted that this was not a normal hurricane and so that in this instance, the federal government needed to take over. He is responsible for the problems and now for the solutions. Nice, upbeat. Making certain that the government is always ready to respond. I just hope this doesn't end up with the govt. being able to take over if they "feel" things aren't being done right due to tv.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

And yet another Katrina

outrage ends up in the trashheap of history.

The Crescent of Embrace

Embraces change.

O'Reilly Interview with Rice

The whole thing is worth listening too. This woman can answer questions! Contrast this interview with ANY interview given by Howard Dean....

The Toxic Flood

That isn't.

Along with a little bit that I miss yesterday concerning that Congressman in Louisiana who used the National Guard to check on his house.

This story of an unrelated (?) investigation makes more sense than that his assistant who tells him what's appropriate was off that day.
Money quote:

In an unrelated matter, authorities recently searched Jefferson's property as part of a federal investigation into the finances of a high-tech firm. Last month FBI officials raided Jefferson's house as well as his home in Washington, D.C., his car and his accountant's house.

The Astrodome

From the BSM. (the would be back-stream-media) It's actually a nice story about people.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mark Steyn

On Bush and Katrina.

Mark Steyn

Amen to this. The "Crescent of Embrace" has to be changed. I can't imagine why they haven't already said, "sorry, you're right, what were we thinking?".

Deaths in NO

and the indictment of the nursing home.

Mohammed al-Dura

and the theater. This story broke a while ago, but apparently not loudly enough because it's "breaking" again. If you didn't know it then, you know it now.

The Privileged

They can tend to lose sight of what's appropriate and what's not even close. You'd think this guy would have someone hired to tell him eh?!

And read the last paragraph of this post too.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Goodbye Chrenkoff

It's a sad day for us, but a good day for him. Best of Luck! You will be missed.

Iraqi Soldiers

Are apparently doing well. Awesome.


I know they've hated us for a long time, but this article from the American Thinker is really sad about them. via Powerline.

Haven't you wondered why, after the Madrid bombings, the Spanish didn't declare war on Al qaeda and do something? Anything. They found out it definitely was al qaeda. You'd think they'd want to at least be in those mountains hunting those guys out in Pakistan/Afghanistan. I guess those Europeans are right. As a "normal American", I don't know anything about them. I certainly don't understand them if this article is really true.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Remembering 9/11

from the Captain. (who would've thought he was ever as hesitant about sharing his opinions as me?)

and from Mrs. Greyhawk

Hurricane (all in one)

Governor Landrieu on TV making an a** out of herself.

A German paper's take on us. MSM the world around.....

Did I just mention the MSM? How about this story about profiteering by the Bush administration? They are really evil. eh?

A fisking of that Newsweek story.

The MSM: this just gets better.

And then the New York Times gets it right and redeems them all. via Julie

UPDATE: Just came across this post from Jim Geraghty on Ann Rice saying "we failed" them in the south. We? Does she mean the people who have donated all that money? their homes? their time? sheesh

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Birthday

I know today is 9/11 and there is a lot out there commemorating it and remembering, but it's also my sister's (my best friend's) birthday and that deserves a celebration!

Happy Birthday Julie!!
I Love you very, very much!

Your horoscope for Sep 11, 2005
Eugenia Last

Happy Birthday: Stop talking about what you want to do this year and start actually following through with your plans. Personal and professional change is needed in your life. Things have become stale, so spice them up. Someone will help you if you share your dreams. Your numbers are 7, 13, 19, 29, 33, 38

Birthday Baby: You are practical, clever, unique, adaptable and open-minded. You are courageous and have the stamina to finish what you start.

BORN ON THIS DAY: Ariana Richards, 26; Brad Fischetti, 30; Harry Connick Jr., 38; Earl Holliman, 77


This sounds like a good post, but I don't have time to read it right now. Someone out there, let me know if I should later!

Cresent of Embrace

I have to say I get tired of hysterical rants, but sheesh this one sounds like it was invited. That is just a gross piece of symbolism that can not stand. I've been to this place and to leave it as is would be far, far more appropriate.

Gun Ownership

Good for these folks. They deserve medals and maybe that free trip to Las Vegas.


of places other than New Orleans.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

One more from

David Ignatius with actual ideas from Newt Gingrich. Friends around here have suggested tax breaks for vacationers to the affected areas. And, like Gingrich, incentives for construction/hiring companies. Some red tape involved, but maybe eh?

What a great post

on this country. Amen

Predictions from a Natl Guardsman

who spent time in NOL. Via Polipundit.

The blame game

environmentalists. (though in all honesty, a big wall, vs a natural wetlands area - a big wall, vs a natural wetlands area.)

Official evacuation plans

not followed. (Funny - but anymore I want links to sources. In newspapers, however, you don't get that. I haven't "second sourced" this, but it's in the news)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Oh, ok

one more. But only because is has some of the myths numbered.

One more for today

yes still on Katrina.

on Building in bad areas

or rather rebuilding in flood zones, fire zones etc.

The Constitution

here, not in Iraq. This guy gets the rant going.

From a columnist

at the Irish Times.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Are you kidding me?

This sounds like news that could use some more highlighting. I suspect after the argument I had last night that I'll need to memorize this one. Just like people overseas, people here also think that the President runs everything and can fix everything, if only he weren't a "bonehead" or worse. I don't believe for a minute that the response of the federal govt was/is picture perfect...how can it be? We're always learning and this (perfect storm) has not happened here before. But you can not in good conscience blame this disaster on President Bush and leave it at that. I hope that at least in all of this, that fiction goes by the wayside.

Like I said

When it comes down to it, the facts will be interesting. Go ahead and click on that link. Apparently the photo has been verified by NASA.

Trying to sort

fact from fiction is going to take some time, but here may be a start.


The Red Cross was blocked by local gov from going into places with it's supplies. Man, this just gets better doesn't it?

Sunni Voter Registration

is on the rise. No thanks to Zarqawi threats.

Tom Ridge

and his readiness kit. Do you have yours?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Waiting for the

After Action report. Read the comments too.

Another funny

Is it evil to be laughing now?

Funny Fisking

of Keith Olbermann.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

About People.

This post has more than enough to read in one day and plenty of quotes worth reading.
Now it may come as a shock to those foreign luminaries who come to lecture us on how an American city leveled by forces roughly equivelent to a nuclear explosion reduce it to something "like a third world country."

This difference being lost on them seems to be this: in an American city there is garbage on the streets and people wander around looking for food and water, AFTER BEING LEVELED BY A CAT 5 HURRICANE, which is the storm swell of the Dec. 2004 tsunami, plus winds, extending inland not for two or three miles but for two or three HUNDRED MILES. In a third world country, people living in stacks of garbage, searching for food and water happens EVERY STINKING DAY. That is the NORM.

UPDATE: Let me add this post too.

UPDATE: I'd never heard of the magic marker strategy, but it makes sense to me.

UPDATE: (clever how I'm sneaking this all into one post so I can stand by my first line eh?) Anyway, we can't not have Steynand Steyn when he's available.

UPDATE: AND this post about conservativism. Now I'm done and off to work.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Aid

through UMCOR.

See you next week!

The Russian Connection

This was so interesting it merits a look. Didn't you used to wonder what the French and Russian hold out was in the ramp up to Iraq?

Katrina Ramblings

As I went on my Friday night go get a beer downtown excursion last night, a couples of things became clear. 1) in a blue county in a purple state you can bet that the bar talk will be blaming Bush for what's going on in the South and 2) if you are willing to speak up and can back up what you say some people will actually listen.

I was amazed. All it took was a quiet, "Actually if it weren't for Bush, fewer people would have evacuated." or a "Things are going OK right now in Iraq and with 2/3 of the National Guard still around here, that really is plenty." and people quieted down their mob blame Bush mentality. Not that I changed anyone's minds but......So..gather your facts and don't be afraid to speak up.

Katrina bites and hindsite will teach us a lot. One being that people often don't listen. In New Orleans people are warned every hurricane season about what to keep on hand and to plan their evacuations.
The President himself ordered the mandatory evacuation because the local government was being wishy washy. And why wouldn't they? How many times have the media cried wolf down there about the weather? (see above link) Even around here-in a good year-they speak of massive fires and drought. When I lived in CA every year was the "worst" dry year. It didn't matter if Lake Shasta was 300 feet below the damn or 2 feet below the damn Northern CA was in trouble! Doom, Doom!

Crime is/was a real problem in New Orleans. And the victims and perpetrators of those crimes are black. Why? Because most of the people in the city are black! (those towns in AL and MS that were ruined are mostly white) And why is all of the suffering on TV black? Because the media went to New Orleans! And why wouldn't they? That's the city known and loved by the rest of us. Who plans their big southern vacation to Biloxi? People go to New Orleans! So instead of the Kanye West plan (in a nutshell "accuse, accuse, accuse"), I think a little active problem solving is in order. Hugh Hewitt has some bullet points. The guy is a dynamo coming up with his "adopt a church" plan etc. The point being-like at VCA All Pets in Bouler Colorado, instead of placing "complaint box", put in a "solutions box".

And there are plenty of complaints. Plenty of things that, if I were king, I would've done different. But instead, I'm going with Captain Ed this weekend. Not really, I'm going out of town this weekend. But knowing full well that the people that are working to help are helping and it's going to get better and better quickly. As of yesterday a lot of progress was being made.

Friday, September 02, 2005

President Clinton

has a ton of class. Imagine that....especially when you compare him to President Carter these past years.

Katrina as Bush's fault

A couple of links here.

Captain's Quarters gives the rundown of the money that did not get budgeted for the levee system this year and how that "would have" made a difference. ha, ha.
Money quote from the NYTimes:
Shea Penland, director of the Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of New Orleans, said that was particularly surprising because the break was "along a section that was just upgraded."

And The Anchoress just has a nice recap of what's going on.

And Iraq the Model who's been in the midst of their own hell this week, sends love.

Israel and Pakistan

sit down together for the first time ever.

Able Danger

More witnesses on Friday before Labor Day. We're in the middle of Katrina and they had to wait until Friday for this....makes me think it's even bigger news than I thought.

UPDATE: I put this in because of the quote, but read the link to the Captain today. That guy is a gem.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Charity Walks/Runs/Bike rides

The people who run events like the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, or the Ride-the-Rockies are experts at taking care of a couple thousand people in tents for a week.
The government would be well served to ask them to help out in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama right now. They could provide immediate relief for the thousands there.
I know progress must be being made, but it seems amazing to me that after four days in the specific shelter that people were invited to use, there is no resources for human waste and only 1 nurse. Those people need some help now and while cash is great, what they need right now is water and a toilet or two.


and his optimism on Iraq at the Spectator. I pretty much agree with him.

Able Danger - recap for today

through the Weekly Standard.


New Orleans and who we are. I'm guessing we'll rebuild it too. It's not like New Orleans is some new town like Superior, CO or Colombia, MD. It's New Orleans! Nor is it like those places in CA that keep getting hit with wildfires or those towns along the northern Mississippi that keep getting wiped out. It's been around a long time. Apparently the French Quarter didn't get the brunt of the floods and that's where the re-building will take place.

International Aid

from Venezuela, and beyond.
Hey that includes the UN!