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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Congress and Money

These stories crack me up.
Congress Finds Ways to Avoid Lobbyist Limits
It's congress who makes the laws! If you're going to find ways to go around it anyway, then why bother with passing the law? Oh, yeah, voters....
Here's the circle.....
Congresspeople appear to have favoritism towards certain interests.....
There must be lots of money involved.
Research occurs and sure enough there is lots of money involved in a lot of things.
Voters are outraged (even though they are the money givers)
Congress has to do something to fix it or they'll be out of a job
A vote is cast to deny congress the money
a) they need the money
workarounds ensue
b) voters want to give the money
workarounds ensue

and the Times has a new story.