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Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Good News

Iraq the Model sees hope. Here's a snippet.
Today I heard unconfirmed news about plans to return the remaining 9 Sunni mosques to the Sunni endowment department. I hope this gesture be met with a similar move on the Sunni end in areas where Shia are minority.

In other encouraging news, I saw on the local Baghdad news that US and Iraqi soldiers have discovered about 60 weapon caches since the beginning of this month, and detained more than 140 suspects during the same period.

Other incidents that indicate a positive change in Maliki's policy are the arrest of deputy minister of health Hakim al-Zamili, and the deployment of IA soldiers to provide security for hospitals in Baghdad instead of the FPS.

Amir Taheri sees cooperation.
The 6+2 (a bloc of moderate Arab states)message is clear: Even if the Americans run away post-Bush, these nations won't submit to a Pax Khomeinista dictated by Tehran.