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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Guest Workers/Amnesty

Well, guess what? With all this talk about guest workers and amnesty, those potential border crossers are going for it now. Captain Ed has the story.
Miss Kelly links to the New Republic arguing against a guest worker program. I have to say I'm against it too.
Imagine how it would work - and remember in your imaginings that this would be run by the Federal Government.

Hi - I own a ranch and I can't get any American to clean stalls for $5.15/hr so I need 2 guest workers to help. Ok, says Mr. Fed and gives you two passes to hand out at the border. Those 2 come across and either a) become your indentured servant at your particular ranch for a lousy $5.15/hr or b) go ahead and get a good job with a construction company that pays $12/hr.

Seriously - why do those in charge think that being a toilet cleaner, or busboy or stall mucker is the path desired by illegal aliens? They work those jobs because they are illegal and need to stay in the shadows.

UPDATE: Peggy Noonan has a nice piece about immigrants. It agrees with me when I said this isn't about immigrants. Immigrants would agree - if not in a mob but in a conversation. This is about borders and security.