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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tons of stories today on Immigration. Not one that I can find that is focused on the real situation and why these bills are up. Security. We just need to know who's walking in the door. We got no beef with immigrants. We have a little beef with illegal immigrants. We have a huge beef with a government that can clearly see that we have a border problem simply because people cross it with impunity daily and yet they (the govt.) has done nothing to fix it.
The BBC has a story on this that really doesn't get it.
The BBC's Americas editor, Simon Watts, says the millions of illegal immigrants are starting to form a major political movement.
Um - not really. It's their legal friends that can potentially form a major political movement. If they'd vote.
The New Zealand Herald reported the opposing side of the ralliers.
Houston television reported that flyers had been distributed in the industrial suburb of Pasadena urging people to burn down the homes of illegal immigrants
Way to have a reasoned debate people. (tangent: Friends of mine in NZ say their papers really like to make the US look like idiots. That line did it.)
There are so many stories out there.
From the NY Times: In Houston, where thousands of immigrants chanted "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" as they rallied, Staff Sgt. Jose Soto of the Marines marched in his blue uniform. He said he had fought in Iraq and was in Houston to visit his parents, who came to this country as illegal immigrants.

"I've fought for freedom overseas," said Sergeant Soto, 30, who plans to return to Iraq in July. "Now I'm fighting for freedom here."

This is a tough issue. But it's one that should be simple. I believe if you could get a few of the marching Illegals out of the mob and talk about how they got here and what they think about border security we could all be in agreement. Fix the borders! The rest can wait.

Whether it's guest workers or just increasing regular immigration numbers. The first thing that needs doing is to fix the borders. (Another side note: When NAFTA passed I believed the only fair way to run it is IF you have open borders for business, THEN you should have open borders (basically) for workers. I still believe that. But I also believe those workers need paperwork!)

For all the Foreign press not really getting the issue, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post REALLY doesn't get it.
But I don't think the immigration debate is about economics anyway. It's about culture and it's about fear.

Among other things, it's about this voice-mail message: " Para continuar en espaƱol, oprima el numero 2 . To continue in Spanish, press 2."

The immigration debate is about border security and that's it. Anything else is just fluff thrown in by politicians who think they know the winds of change. Or by people with fears.

But the BIG issue and the only one that counts is borders.