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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WalMart and Pharmacies

I like it when other people do my research for me. Yes - I'm lazy.
When I wrote this post about Walmart being forced to carry the morning after pill in part because in rural areas they are the only game in town and hence have to carry all commonly prescribed medications, I was thinking to myself that WalMart doesn't really exist in true rural areas where they would be the only game in town. They exist in medium sized towns that would have at least a grocery store pharmacy. So I thought the argument was silly but didn't do the research.

Well, Walmart has decided to go ahead and carry this pill here in Colorado. View from a Height conveniently did the research that I didn't do and found that here in CO there isn't a town where Walmart is the only game in town.
As I said earlier, I would have closed the place and cut off my nose.