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Friday, February 02, 2007

Resolution on Iraq: Number 2

Whereas myself and everyone else trusts and likes General Petraeus;

Whereas General Petraeus has suggested that a non-binding resolution in opposition to the President's plan would give comfort to the enemy;

Whereas the GOP may finally be listening to the latest resolution (or rather 'pledge') brought to you by Hugh Hewitt promising no funds for the NRSC in support of a Senator who voted for one of the non-binding resolutions criticizing the additional troops;

Whereas the Senate Democrats are splitting up because some are requiring even stronger language than is currently being tossed around;

Whereas the almost 100 resolutions passed by the UN Security Council in 2006 only made the UN even more inconsequential in the world; (Did you see any effect in Cote d'lvoire from their many resolutions? Me either.)

I resolve to:

1) Continue to let the troops know they have my full support and not in a William Arkin sort of way.

2) Not vote for any Senator who votes for a non-binding, or a binding resolution requesting extra benchmarks or no extra troops as requested

3) Actively campaign against Senator Salazar who has decided to now call the Iraq war a quagmire along with his Democratic colleagues because he thinks it's expedient I'm sure. He was voted in as a moderate and now he thinks he was voted in because of a Democrat "surge". He's incorrect.

4) Continue calling the numbers on Hugh's website to voice my opinion!