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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What He says!

Varifrank on John Warner - of as he says, "The Asshat Senator from Virginia".

Warner, You fat bastard. You unthinking coward. You slimy warthogs rectum. You walking colosotomy bag. You mouldering sack of crap. Get out of my party!

And frankly you can add John Boehner's name to that list of adjectives if he goes through with this clear dis to the Commander in Chief.
Even House Republicans, once the president's firmest bulwark, made their skepticism clear Monday, calling for firm benchmarks for success in Iraq that House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said would ``hold the Bush administration and the Iraqi government accountable and require the administration to report to Congress every 30 days.''

``I support the president's plan,'' Boehner said. ``But we have a duty to candidly and honestly assess whether the new strategy will be effective and ultimately successful.''

UPDATE: Hillary is suggesting that this resolution is to get the attention of the US and Iraqi governments. What kind of Presidential candidate can't get your attention without resorting to resolutions that do nothing at all except let the troops know they are not supported and the enemy know that the fight is about over?? Loser.