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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The War

Michael Yon who has just gone back to Iraq and who was not as positive during his last visit see this war as "winnable". (Ps he lives on donations.....)

Hot Air has an interesting CNN interview with a couple of reporters. (ht Michelle Malkin) Pam Hess of UPI sees the lack of questions concerning what happens if we lose. She has it figured out, like Mark Steyn does that
Nations lose wars, not political parties — a point the parochial left seems unable to grasp.
From Pam:
What we're not asking is actually the central question. We're getting distracted by the shiny political knife fight.

What we need to be asking is, what happens if we lose? And no one will answer that question. If we lose, how are we going to mitigate the consequences of this?

It's so much easier for us to cover this as a political horse race. It's on the cover of "The New York Times" today, what this means for the '08 election. But we're not asking the central national security question, because it seems that if as a reporter you do ask the national security question, all of a sudden you're carrying Bush's water. There are national security questions at stake, and we're ignoring them and the country is getting screwed.
And finally, is Pakistan helping? From the Guardian:
Pakistan hits 'al-Qaida hideouts' near Afghan border