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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Union (Updated)

Well - I know I'm a Bush W toadie, so maybe my opinion counts for naught but I liked the State of the Union speech tonight.

I didn't like the energy part where he basically pledged the same things he always does and then doesn't do anything about. Except the reserve. He can and has done something with that. I'm ok with increasing those.

Health Care: Well that sounds ok. Tax incentives for health insurance buyers.

Immigration: Temporary worker program. That is fine with me as long as this is for ALL workers, not just grunt workers. Why the heck should the only people affected by immigration be blue collar people!? And since when do we want a certified 2nd class?

On the WoT. I'm glad he mentioned that this war started before 911. I'm glad he mentioned that this war is measured by what has NOT happened. I like that he mentioned that the fight is NOT the fight we entered, but it's what we've got. I like that he stressed our responsibilities over there. Not only for them but for us too.

In watching the speech however it was liking watching John Edward's "two Americas". One in the image of George W. Bush is looking at an idealogical struggle and seeing it as a real present danger to this country. The other is rolling it's eyes because they don't see it at all.

I actually saw on one lefty blog tonight (sorry, I forget which) where they actually proposed that there may be nothing wrong with Iran running the Middle East vs the US and that we should look into it! Are you kidding me????!

Anywho...I liked the speech. I think it was realistic. He's asking for support from people with whom he knows he doesn't have much. I wish he would talk to us more.

UPDATE: John Podhoretz has a nice re-cap.

Charlie Gibson last night on ABC actually asked Hillary some tough questions. She failed in my book. Then today I see that during the questioning of General Petraeus he was asked about the "Resolution" being offered of no support for the President. The general said it would not have a "beneficial effect" on troop morale. Hillary is still for it:
I, among others on this committee, have put forward ideas about disapproving the escalation not because we in any way embrace failure or defeat, but because we are trying to get the attention of our government and the government of Iraq."
Um - Don't you think you've gotten the attention of the governments of both Iraq and the US? What would REALLY get their attention is if you dropped this.