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Friday, January 26, 2007

Resolution on Iraq: Number 1 (Hey - I've only just begun!)

In the spirit of the United Nations and the current Congress of the United States of America I bring to you yet another non-binding resolution in order to make me feel better because now I have “done something” important regarding this important matter. I hope that in spite of this resolution being non-binding, that you will take it to heart and remember it fondly.

Whereas the United States strategy and presence on the ground in Iraq can only be sustained with the support of the American people and bipartisan support from Congress;

Whereas we voted to allow our President to start this war in Iraq with specific goals in mind;

Whereas maximizing chances of success in Iraq should be our goal, and the best chance of success requires support from all sources.

Whereas the President, after careful study of the Iraq Study Group’s proposals along with the wise council of many others chose a course of action that included an increase of troops by 21,500 for a duration of time during which the Iraqi troops are also to be increased and given more training and the Iraqi government is to cooperate more fully to control militias within and around Baghdad and help to rebuild security so that militias are no longer thought to be needed by the neighborhoods.

Whereas the President, during his State of the Union specifically requested a little more time.

Whereas General Petraeus has suggested that resolutions undermining the President’s request for support without actually doing anything than undermining the President’s request for support is a morale booster to the enemy and morale killer to our own troops on the ground.

Now therefore be it resolved by me and any other signatory that

1) I will support the Commander and Chief as requested as he makes use of the most recent facts on the ground to come to his decision.

2) I will support our military men and women who make choices every day on how best to win this war and stabilize Iraq, who have all around done an outstanding job from the beginning of this war.

3) I will support Iraq and Iraqis as they work to create a functioning democracy of sorts and must try to do this without the support of their own neighbors.

4) I will support fulfilling our obligations of war. Just like in Bosnia, and South Korea and in Germany, we entered the arena, we need to feel obliged to stay until we are no longer needed.

5) When the Iraqi government along with our own military leadership including our Commander in Chief says we are no longer needed, I will support withdrawing. That time is not now.

Terri Goon