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Friday, January 12, 2007

The New Plan

So in reading the major papers this morning, I kept thinking to myself, "George, please don't read the papers this morning, they're a downer."

David Ignatius sees congress wanting to send our President a big kiss of "No confidence" as a way of re-gaining power. What the hell? They've been asking for a "change" for years now. Well.........
Bloodthirsty Liberal sees reality in this. "Soldiers as Pawns" is the title of his post. Ending with "God help us".

The Kurds are mad. (no advance knowledge before the attack of the Iranian terrorist hideout in Kurdistan)

The Washington Post has these headlines:
Bush Iraq Plan Meets Skepticism on the HIll
Intelligence Chiefs Provide Bleak Assessment
Bush Falls Flat with Iraq Speech

There were others about people not supporting him and protest marches throughout the land etc.

So how is it that Amir Taheri finds Iraqi support and encouragement for the plan? And Captain Ed finds Arabian allys behind the plan?

A reader can get very confused. It makes you really wonder about this country and the people in it. Do we really want to go back to isolationism? And do people really think that we will then be left alone? The only thing that is going to swing this is going to be another major attack on this country. That's the completely sad thing. I will follow this president whereever he wants to lead because I truly believe he is looking at what is best for us all in regards to this war. Can reasonable people disagree? Sure. But they're wrong. If Iraq falls to Islamists after Bush leaves office this country is going to be seeing war close up and I will post a big "I told you so" blog. I hope I don't have to do that.