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Friday, January 05, 2007

Jamil Hussein

Michelle Malkin has a nice cross section of blogs concerning the arrest of Jamil Hussein.

Bottom line - assuming the guy is real, NOW maybe we can get to the bottom of the six burned alive Sunnis. With the lack of names of these 6 victims and the lack of any sort of outrage in Iraq concerning them, I continue to doubt.

From Bill Faith via Michelle:
Bill Faith:
Color this old dog very, very skeptical. So, the Iraqi Police may or may not arrest some dude and claim he's Jamil, then they may or may not put him in a line-up where the AP people can claim "Yes we see him but we aren't going to identify him; must protect our sources, y'know," and we're all supposed to just forget about all those sole-sourced stories that still don't check out? And our source for all this new-found knowledge is ... the AP?

I'm with him.