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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Snowing Again Here

I know those of you from the rest of the country thinks it snows in Colorado all the time, but no it doesn't, not usually. So we're getting another grey day and I could use some sunshine to wash the guilt away that I feel for wanting to see some sunshine vs appreciating every drop of moisture we get!

Michelle Malkin write on Jamil Hussein today in the NYPost. I was hoping for an actual interview with the guy, but no. If you go to her website you'll get photos as well, but not the complete column. Bottom line:
Capt. Stacy Bare, the civil-affairs officer who took us on patrol in Hurriya, concurred: "There were no six Sunnis burned."
MURDERS do happen regularly in their area, the soldiers em phasized. And no one sugarcoated the brutality of the Shiite militia. But the soldiers say this particular story doesn't stand up.

Captain Ed notes that Venezuela's governing body, is no longer doing any governing. He also notes that Senior Chavez is going to be hurting real soon with the price of oil going down. Apparently Venezuela's oil is harder to get to and lower quality than Saudi Arabia's. At less than $40/barrel they won't be making much money at all.
Varifrank and Uncorrelated both write on Hillary's big announcement.
Varifrank is sure she won't win and is pleased she's running because she just single handedly gathered up the troops of the GOP.
Uncorrelated is certain she's not a shoe in.