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Friday, January 05, 2007

Iran in Iraq

The big news yesterday was the secret that came out that showed Iran had been helping both Sunni AND Shia in order to keep a civil was going in Iraq. From the NYSun:
WASHINGTON — Iran is supporting both Sunni and Shiite terrorists in the Iraqi civil war, according to secret Iranian documents captured by Americans in Iraq.

This "big secret" finding of evidence has Iraq the Model a little leery of the West's intelligence.
What concerns me here is that if it continues to take us this long to identify our enemies and figure out their ways and the shape of their networks we will be always allowing them to be a few steps ahead of us.
While America is facing difficulties in gathering intelligence but what concerns me more is that even what's being gathered is not being processed, interpreted and utilized in the right manner or mace.

Dear Omar,
Don't worry, it's just the press who are this blinded by the culture. They are the ones who insisted al-Qaeda couldn't be working with Saddam due to religious difference.

Omar also had this to say in regards to the new statue that Qaddafy is erecting:
The relationships between dictators and terror groups are complex and not the same as one can expect from normal states, take a look at Qaddafi who had also stood with Iran against Saddam, he is now building a statue to commemorate the dictator who used to call Qaddafi Qirdafi (means Monkey-Dafi)!
Monkey-Dafi! You mean to say that Saddam taunted others?