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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Is dead. Apparently some folks think it "doesn't matter". ie
From the LATimes:
The execution of Saddam Hussein doesn't matter as much as it once might have.
and from: The NYTimes
The growing chaos and violence in Iraq has steadily overshadowed the torturous rule of Mr. Hussein,

However, in Iraq, Iraqis, apparently are feeling a little differently as they remember this guy who is responsible for babies being shot in the head.
From the Mesopotamium
Anyway, I am too excited to talk more, and it is very late and I, like almost all Iraqis at this hour, cannot sleep and are all awaiting the awesome announcement at this eve of the Eid Al-Adha.
and from Healing Iraq
I hope the execution of the tyrant brings relief to the families of his victims.

But the BEST column today that I've read is this one by Ralph Peters.
Again, we can be proud that the United States of America brought him down. And that no dictator can ever feel entirely safe again.
President Bush changed the world. For all of today's carnage and confusion, and despite the appalling policy errors after Baghdad fell, the future will show that the change was for the better.