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Friday, December 15, 2006


While the Iraq Study Group is recommending we just negotiate a peace between the Israelis and Palestinians to create a stable Iraq, the Palestinians themselves are working towards instability without interference. It's a mess.

It started Monday with the murder of the 3 children of a Pro-Fatah security chief then moved to the revenge attacks around the area. The Prime Minister cut short his money begging trip around the area (including in Sudan) to return home carrying 30 million dollars (left behind in Egypt) and welcomed with an assasination attempt. So now there are more rounds of clashes.
Here is a real quote vs a soundbite.

Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh said his first response was to regret that the gunmen had missed Mr Haniya.

The Palestinian Authority has 160,000 workers that haven't been fully paid in a while. If they are relying on donations from abroad, maybe it's time to cut the size of the govt. to what they can afford. Avi Shaked is offering 1billion dollars to startups there, if and only if, the PA reaches a "peace agreement with Israel".
Ok, ok, it's not going to happen but at least it's an idea with some backing vs the ISG's, "make peace between the Palestinians and Israelis" big idea!