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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Modern Age

The NYTimes gets a screening of an Israeli report showing, yes showing evidence of Hezbollah fighting from within civilian areas. Transparency in the modern age. Now, if Hezbollah could do the same. Hah. I loved this part: (they also have video of them questioning captured Hezbollah fighters.)
Muhammad Srour, a young Hezbollah fighter, said he had initially received training in Iran and was undergoing further training in eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley when the war broke out. He was sent to the front lines.

Like many Hezbollah fighters, he traveled by motorbike, but they were frequently the targets of Israeli forces. While transporting missiles, hidden in cloth, in and around the southern village of Aita al Shaab, “I carried a white flag,” Mr. Srour said.
Ah yes, the white flag. Kind of like the Red Crescent. Clearly a symbol of innocence.

Of course we all have learned about video tapes lately (and if not, the Times was happy to remind us by mentioning the 28 deaths in Qana (down from 56)). But I would think video transmitted directly from a missile as it's going in to hit it's target might be accurate! Certainly there's no staging involved!