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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

March to Mecca

Well it happened. Democrats are now the majority so the people can now safely focus their fears where they belong. There is going to be a March to Mecca in support of gay people. Hollywood it participating. And Sharon Stone had this to say.
"Not marching in these countries, in this era of terror, seems cowardly," says event co-organizer
Sharon Stone. "I'm embarrassed to say at social gatherings I even blamed the United States for
everything. But I realized it's the radical Muslims - not the US - who want gays dead, and for that I am truly sorry."
Imagine that.

I guess I should just accept this new plan with grace and go on, but if the left had been supporting this stance all along this war would be over. I really believe that. You can't win with half the people in the country wanting to lose. Perhaps now that that other half is in the majority they'll start trying to win. At least they are learning who the enemy is!!