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Friday, December 29, 2006

Just Links today

Here is a lovely picture of my big sister and a handsome young fellow after shoveling and a walk this morning.

Now onto the links: Captain Ed notes the NYTimes thinks a 3 year trial for Saddam is a "rush" to judgement. And if only the process could have "nurtured hope". Oh brother.

Interesting: The Herald has this article about that guy Osmani that was a top al-Qaeda guy killed last week in Pakistan. According to US Special Forces, Osmani was in US custody in 2004 and convinced everyone he was an innocent villager. But according to a US defense intelligence agency that's not true. And according to the Pentagon " "If we had captured Osmani, we would still have him". ahh, the fleeting nature of "truth".

Riehl World view notes the bullshi** headline on the story "Many U.S. Troops in Iraq Oppose Escalation"

Op-For notes that the US media calls our relations with Sadr "tense" and now "more tense" with the death of Amiri. hardy har har