I think ^(link) therefore I err

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I hardly ever watch the evening news, but had it on last night. The sense of the news broadcast was about how badly things were going, how Bush has no authority left, how everything is going to rot in Iraq.

I actually took a moment to think "have I got it so wrong? Am I just getting all my news from people with skewed outlooks?" Then I shook it off and decided that even if they were correct, I choose to think otherwise because they just can't be right. They just can't. (That would be my keen sense of logic working by the way.)

Today Instapundit links to Bill Roggio who is now embedded in Iraq. The short little snip on Glenn's site is enough to confirm, the evening news is whacked. Here's a taste:
While waiting to manifest on the flight to Fallujah, CNN played a news segment of President Bush announcing there would be no “graceful exit” from Iraq, and that we'd stay until the mission was complete. Two sergeants in the room cheered. Loudly. They then scoffed at the reports from Baghdad, and jeered the balcony reporting.
and here is Bill's post. Read it and keep updated.