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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Christopher Anderson

This last week my hometown lost one of it’s own in Iraq. Christopher Anderson. It kept me thinking all weekend long of that gospel song...Why Me Lord.
As the song goes:
Why me Lord,
What did I ever do
to deserve even one
of the pleasures I’ve known.

I know we're at war. And I know we need to be there. Those people who've attacked us here need to not to it again. And because of that I know we have terrible losses.
In this case, as it hits closer to home those lyrics kept going through my head.

what did I ever do
to deserve even one
of the US armed forces working for me.

I know it isn't about me personally, but I hope that the men and women out there working for us realize that their examples, their citizenship, their heroism make me try harder to be a better person so I can deserve what they deliver with all the sacrifices they make. Including their lives. Our country wouldn’t exist as it does without them.

Thank you to them all. And to their families.