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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Uncorrelated saw Jimmy Carter on Leno. He shares the real Jimmy Carter with us in comparison to the Tonight Show version. In conclusion:
This may explain my animus towards former President Carter--every time I see him on television, quipping in the lazy peanut-farmer-from-Georgia drawl, talking about building homes for the poor and moralizing about the faults of the Bush administration or the Israelis--I get nauseated, literally physically ill. We couldn't imagine Saddam yucking it up on the Tonight Show, but this evil old man has been pulling the wool over our eyes for thirty years.

This isn't just about personalities--"realist" foreign policy is trying to make a comeback--promoted by Democrats of course. Make no mistake--"realist" foreign policy means simply that Democrats make the "wogs" pay the price for our freedom and prosperity. Ultimately--what effect did the genocide in Cambodia have on the Soviets? What price did it make them pay?

Perhaps that makes it the ultimately evil--a racist and perverse policy whose moral repulsiveness is compounded by failure.