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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Anti-blog screed Smackdown

This column by Rich Miller is a nice little response to Wall Street Journal's and other MSM opinions regarding blogs. Essentially the WSJ article paints all blogs with the same brush and Rich takes note of that.
Look, there's a lot of bizarre behavior on the Internet. And there's no shortage of vitriol, either. Some people are just strange. But much of the harsh language about politicians and the reporters and columnists who cover them are more than justified.
Time magazine's gushing over the monstrously popular video sharing site YouTube in its ''Person of the Year'' issue has generated some backlash. Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg described YouTube this week as ''Teenage girls lip-syncing to popular songs in their bedrooms. Lots of pets and babies and snippets from TV shows.''
I know personally I've found YouTube snippets that helped me figure out one of my horses. There's a lot out there. Much of it is horrible. Find the good stuff and surf!