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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The UN

Captain Ed continues to dog the UN and their sex problems. It's pretty pathetic that grown-ups have to go to children for either sex or power.

Drudge shares this headline this morning.
FLASH: One in every 32 Adults is in Prison, Jail or on Probation
While that is sad commentary I would say that while this number affects those peole and their families etc, some things are illegal and the US is not a hell hole for it.
The point being that rape is illegal. Buying sex when you are a member of the UN should be illegal if it isn't. Why the hell aren't those people in jail? They know it goes on, why not these creeps in the local lockup?

In other UN news, Kofi Annan has expressed "deep concern" for the break in peace in Sudan. via bloodthirstyliberal