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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Those Six Immans

Captain Ed handles this story that came out in the Washington Times today. What were the suspicians?

- Praying loudly. I do my praying on an airplane quietly with sweat pouring out my forehead but others may choose out loud.

- Switching from their assigned seats. Ok -on an empty plane, but something to look at. The 2 that went to first class when they weren't assigned those seats should have been expelled right then.

- Going back and forth to talk amongst each other and holding up the boarding process. Irritating enough when done amongst families. I would say it's enough to tell them to get back to their "assigned seats" and if not done, then boot them.

- And finally:
And those seat-belt extenders? Once they received them from the flight attendants, the imams put them under their seats, and not on the seat belts that purportedly would not fit them. Anyone who saw that would understandably wonder why the imams requested them in the first place, especially the flight crew, which has primary responsibility for flight security.
Outta here. Those are simple weapons. Simple like a box cutter.