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Friday, November 10, 2006

Still More......

Charles Krauthammer has a good analysis today.
To muddy even more the supposed ideological significance of this election, consider who is the biggest winner of the night: Joe Lieberman. Just a few months ago he was scorned by his party and left for dead. Now he returns to the Senate as the Democrats' 51st seat -- and holder of the balance of power. From casualty to kingmaker in three months. Not bad. His Democratic colleagues who abandoned him this summer will now treat him very well.
Wouldn't it be cool, if he switched?

I'm not sure if this NYTimes article had much to say, but it had a great quote regarding the election leaving Bush free to work with Dems.
"It could be the saving grace of his administration," said Kenneth M. Duberstein, chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan, "because it gives him an opportunity to demonstrate real presidential leadership that is inclusive, right of center but not far right of center, which is where the American people are."

Mark Steyn goes over his notes from before the election when he visited President Bush and Donald Rumsfield. It reads differently now.

Captain Ed notes the differences between the London Times report of how the troops reacted to hearing about Rumsfield's resignation and the NYTimes report. No surprises there. And both equally true. Some folks are involved and know what's going on in the world of politics and other people can't name the Vice President if their life depended on it. The interesting part is who the newspapers wanted to quote.
Personally, I loved Rumsfield. But I understand his resignation. The Republicans lost. It's important to admit that and try to work with the other side. Rumsfield is a huge bone to throw to the Pelosi/Reid team. I don't read this as a sign that we will be leaving Iraq by July like I've heard people say. Instead I read it as a sign that we are in a new phase. And frankly, we are and have been. This last little 30 mile radii of trouble in Iraq needs to be taken care of some way or another. And Bush is still the commander in chief. I'm not going to worry yet. It's because of him I voted straight GOP in spite of the fact that I can't stand my representative. (and by the way - she won and I'm stuck with her and without a GOP victory. Therein lies my bit of bitterness. lol)

Captain Ed is also suggesting Michael Steele for head of the RNC. That would be great. I read something yesterday about how he was basically finished and "don't look for him in the future". Personally I thought "bullshit". This guy is good. And he's smart. And he's handsome. He's going somewhere.