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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Simpsons

Michelle Malkin isn't happy with the Simpson's version of humor as it concerns the military.

I saw that episode. Yes, there was the "message" there. 'The military is made up of idiots who can always be beaten by the locals.' It was also so filled with cliches as to be funny. Come on Michelle, we get to laugh at ourselves. The reason Islamists are so sensitive to "humor" is because they realize the truth of the matter and it makes them unhappy when its pointed out. Clearly the military in this country is not made out of losers. They are the best and brightest out there. And they are grunts too. It is a diverse group of people who do an awesome awesome job.

And yet, they are the military. They do go into people's homes searching for bad guys. And those people don't really like that.

Do I generally like the Simpson's? Not so much. I prefer Southpark or King of the Hill in my cartoons, but sheesh. Give it a rest. It's a cartoon, written, created, illustrated by a lefty I'm sure, but still it's a cartoon.