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Friday, November 03, 2006

People are good

Sometimes you get so sick of people, it's nice to read a "good" story about us now and then. This one recounts a rescue effort to save a bunch of horse stranded on a small knoll in the middle of flood waters.

There are plenty of such stories out there, if we look, making this scenario of a world without people pretty darn sad. People do amazing things that animals never would so thinking that "wild and natural" is the way to go is really kind of cruel. Do you really think your pack of dogs would allow you and your myopia to survive in the lovely wilds? What about that mildly retarded neighbor? Or the cleft lip kid? Even those horses above. You don't actually see the other horses volunteering for this stint to go save them.
Nature is cruel. It seems silly to forget it.

UPDATE: Just when I think I actually have an original post, Matt Drudge steals my thunder. And he's got a picture