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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry: because it's required of bloggers today!

What a doof.
Let's start with the MSM. The BBC works to get the actual story while the NYTimes works to switch it out.
BBC heading: 'Kerry under fire for Iraq 'joke''
What follows is a story of the incident.

NYTimes heading: 'As Vote Nears, Stances on War Set Off Sparks'
What follows is a commentary about Iraq. On page 2 you finally get the famous quote from Kerry. This was my favorite part though. In a 2 page story there are maybe 4 paragraphs on the "botched joke" and then read the transition.
But Charles Huang, 19, a sophomore who described himself as one of the few conservatives at the college, said he was offended by the comment and thought Mr. Kerry did owe American troops an apology.

“I was kind of offended that someone would say that,” Mr. Huang said. “I think he was trying to crack a joke, but it was inappropriate.”

The contrast of Republican candidates distancing themselves from the White House even as Mr. Bush defended his policy again on Tuesday — “We will fight in Iraq and we will win in Iraq,” he said to cheers in Georgia — reflects what Republican Party officials said was a pragmatic message they were sending to candidates: do whatever it takes to win.
That's some smooth writing there.
I would be ROFL if it was funny vs tragically ridiculous!

Move on to the the question of the day. If this were a "botched joke", then can someone ask Mr. Kerry once again about Bush being a Yale graduate with better grades than John Kerry? If this is a "botched joke", then it just goes to prove that studying hard and working hard at school work means diddly do. Who wrote such a stupid joke? And where is the "inspire the kids" moment in this?

That's right. No one did. Because calling this a botched joke is spun so tight anyone can see it.

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