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Monday, November 06, 2006

John Kerry: elitist snob, not "military man or war hero"

(Coastwatcher is back for another guest blog!)
When I first heard of Senator Kerry, I was impressed with his service in Vietnam. Ever since "reporting for duty" as a candidate and wrapping himself in his military service, the liberal mainstream media lionized him as a "war hero" especially Chris Matthews. Was his service honorable and admirable in Vietnam, yes.

But look at these photos and you'll see a man of privilege, obviously enamored with a youthful President from Massachusetts who himself was considered a "war hero" for his service in WWII commanding PT Boat 109. I absolutely believe John Kerry intended to go to Vietnam, burnish his credentials as JFK did, in the most similar duty: skipper of a small craft, in his case, on a Swift Boat. He used a loophole to come home early (three Purple hearts) and when the antiwar movement gained traction, hitched his star to that. His quotes through the years are all over the net (Genghis Khan, in Iraq terrorizing women, etc.) I won't repeat them here. He has had disdain and disgust for real military members ever since trying to lead a ragtag group of antiwar veterans and Hippies from the so called Winter Soldier period in the early 70's.

His latest comment speaks to his entire lifetime of privilege, of money, of his Ivy League education. That those in the military are disgusted by him should come as no shock. That he is a leader and was a nominee for President from what was once a proud Democratic Party is sad.

I think this has effectively ended ANY hope for John Kerry to be President.

Austin Bay has much more and spot on.

Kerry yachting with President Kennedy

JK on board the USS Joseph Kennedy with President Kennedy watching the America's Cup race.

John Kerry disgracing his service with long hair and improperly worn uniform testifying to the Senate. Could you ever imagine a veteran today dishonoring his uniform in front of the Senate?

My Election Day predictions:

Senate: Republicans hold by 3 seats.

House of Representatives: Republicans by 1 seat

Coastwatcher out.