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Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Links

David Ignatius reminding Arabs that it's really up to them to fix things in the Middle East. We can't do it for them.
The sad part? He implies that the UN will be there to guide them. HA!
Any leader or nation who aspires to play a constructive role in the region's future must embrace this idea of legal accountability. That is what the United Nations insisted this week, with a unanimous Security Council resolution demanding that the murderers be brought to justice.
As we say around here. BFD.
Mr. Ignatius needs to return to his premise because it will never be up to the UN to fix the Middle East.

John Podhoretz has the first post election analysis that makes sense to me. Democrats came out and voted this year. Karl Rove taught them that little trick. Frankly, I find it more refreshing than the whining about "stolen elections".