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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Reflection

Well - it happened. It wasn't a surprise, but that glimmer of hope has gone out. (you know - that hope that said "Wait, they've just called it with only 1% of the returns in!")
(That's a true story by the way. There were people standing in line still in Denver, 1% of the returns in, and those were just the mail-in ballots, and the networks were calling the Governors race for Ritter. Amazing)

A sincere congratulations to the Democrats. We knew people were angry.

Here's the beautiful part: We don't have to listen to the whining about "stealing" the election for the next 2 years! Republicans will gather up their stuff, move on and continue to work at governing. Democrats have stomped their feet, whined and worked at looking pathetic for the last 2 years. Now they have some power.

May they please, dear Lord, not abandon Iraq. (Thank you George Bush - I trust you won't!)
I can handle increases in taxes, a screwed up economy, even the abandonment of the patriot act and medicare part D. But don't lose Iraq. They need us there for a bit longer. And the world needs to know that we can be counted on. I know Bush can be. Let Congress stand up and say the same.

The US isn't going to the crapper because of this election. As a matter of fact, who among my readers doesn't now have some hope that it will clearly be a GOP win for the presidency in 2008? That's right.

We know those Dems don't have any ideas. We know we American people don't like to go too long with one party in that position. And we know the GOP was starting to take it's position of power for granted. Had they continued with the house until then, in 2008 the presidency would have gone to the left. Now....... Hey, lookee here, that glimmer is back!!