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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Won't we all be glad to not have to listen to the ads for a bit? Or clear out our answering machines?
Go, Vote.

In Iraq, freedom IS on the march.
Iraq the Model notes today that the Interior Ministry there has charged 57 people with torture. These are people not of Saddam's regime. This is the first time there have been charges brought down on current members of the security force. And this is progress.
Building rule of law is much more of a difficult task than breaking the law is and the transformation from jungle law to civil law requires patience and determination.
What makes me feel good about this is that we're now moving to prosecute the criminals of the present just like we prosecuted the criminals of the past.

Gangs and militias are stronger today than they were three years ago and the same can be said about the legitimate foundations and institutions of the state, even more, the latter are growing stronger at a faster rate even though that might not be so visible.
Anyways, I think if law-enforcement apparatus, judicial and military alike, are allowed to retain the momentum, then maybe in a year we will be discussing al-Sadr and al-Dhari verdicts.

I tell you, it warms my heart to see it. And I once again thank God for George W. Bush.

Now Go, Vote, and vote GOP!