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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blogger "discussion"

It sounds like John from Powerline and Captain Ed are discussing the importance of a Democrat response to Al-Qaeda's nyah, nyah. John is all for it, and Captain Ed is against it.
As any good moderate, I see both sides. But since the Dems have not responded, I'll go with the Captain Ed side but for different reasons.

Like Arafat, Al-qaeda wants respect and attention from us. Why give it to them? Why respond? We don't respect them. We know we can beat the living crap out of them when it comes down to it. It's only because we're the good guys and care about all that collateral damage stuff that they even still exist. If they want to think they won this US elections, who the hell cares?

Now is the time, not to "speak" but to "act". It is my hope that the Democrats in power will not want to lose Iraq or lose the war on terror. They have a big election coming up in 2 years. Imagine the results if we give up and go home only to find the war has come to us here. Hillary knows. And I'm sure there are others. I say, lets give them a chance to act like grown ups here before we start asking them to speak with Al-qaeda.