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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Requisite Foley Blog

From the "heartland", I realize there is tons of evidence of and non evidence of who knew what when. But at the same time, we are all reasonable people. Without reading much of any of this because I don't want to, I'd have to say that:

a) Foley is a creep
b) no one (male OR female) should have to be icked out on any job including when they are working for congress
c) Democrats probably had some scheme cooked up to out this whole scandal,
d) Republican probably knew about this but it's been hidden so long they figured it could continue that way,
e) at least Republicans won't re-elect the creep
e) power corrupts
f) if Hastert is being honest then he needn't resign
g) the people who pages work for, (some board?), need to be investigated. It's their job to protect these kids. Apparently these rumors have been going on for years, surely someone had some idea and needed to complain and loudly about Foley. Not one lousy memo. But the kind where you raise hackles until the problem is fixed or you've been fired. And if you get fired then you go to the media.

In the end, because of my admiration for this administration and also because of the way Democrats have threatened impeachment, threatened un-financing the war, threatened years long investigations into noWMD that dull my senses, I am with Scott. I will suck it up and vote Republican this election and remember that there is tons to be proud of:
We've put a 500-pounder right up Zarqawi's ass;

The economy is in great shape with the Dow reaching and all-time high;

We've thwarted another attack (but the next one is being planned;) and

In spite of all of the non-issues pounded by the media we're still fighting.

There is more to include but on the immediate side I would include the fact that Foley resigned and the leadership went for an investigation into his actions.