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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pre-Iranian Revolution

This morning my internet connection is really, really slow. Who knows why, it could be the snow we got last night is screwing something up, somewhere. It doesn’t matter. I still am ready to throw this computer through a window. And it’s an innocent bystander.
Captain Ed notes today what is bound to be the beginning of the end of the Iranian Mullocracy. They’ve judicously noted that high speed internet connections allow for quick access to the evil west and have ruled that nothing is to go faster than 128kb.
Can you imagine going back to dial up, even fast dial up anymore? Pages aren’t even created for dial up these days. There’s going to be a revolution. Mark my words.
(ps, I usually double check these stories with a 2nd news source to confirm accuracy. But I am unwilling to wait around today and am already cranky over the speed. Lol. Captain Ed is dependable though!)