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Friday, October 06, 2006

Making up crap Friday

First let me say that Friday cat blogging was more fun.
Story one. First off it comes with this inflammatory headline:
Grand Old Party of Child Endangerment
Think Foley is bad? Republican policies have harmed millions of American kids.
Now on to the "brand new facts".
This combination of irresponsible tax cuts and out-of-control spending guaranteed that there would be little left over for the crucial social programs American children need, such as meaningful spending on healthcare, job-creation and anti-poverty programs.

The result was predictable. From 2000 to 2005, the number of American children living in poverty went up by 1.3 million, and the likelihood that any given child is poor increased by 9%.
I hadn't heard that. So lets move over to the US census. And sure enough, the numbers of children living in poverty increased. By 1.3 million. But as a percentage of children the numbers went from 34.8% DOWN to 33.5%. Either she's an idiot or is deliberately trying to mislead. I report, you decide.

Story 2: From Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. First the title.
GOP Bigotry That Backfired
Then without backing up one lousy thing he accused the GOP of only being freaked out about the Foley scandal because of its homosexuality piece. That if this were heterosexual no one would be worried. He accuses Republicans of being so scared of homosexuality that their biggest fear is the "recruitment" of new homosexuals by preditors on our kids. He easily equates "anti-homosexual doctrine" with the GOP.
In any event, the recruitment myth helps explain why social conservatives, who make up perhaps the most loyal and energetic segment of the Republican Party's base, are so up in arms. And that outrage, in turn, helps explain why the party has been so frantic all week, so uncharacteristically slow to come up with a game plan for responding to the scandal. Social conservatives were already grumbling that the Republicans talk a good game but never get around to addressing their core issues. Now comes this.

In pre-feminist times, people thought of young girls as particularly delicate and vulnerable. We worried about their being compromised or corrupted by older men. It's fascinating that much of today's America seems to be more viscerally worried about young boys.

So because the GOP has a big tent and keeps its focus on things like security and money vs social concerns he's assuming that the "GOP" is anti-homosexual and is only upset with Foley because of the boys aspect. What a load bullshit. blech.