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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Immigration and Livestock

I know, I know, these two items don't go together. But today there is a story in the NYTimes about meat labels on meat raised "compassionately". (yes, the compassionate part is relative and the labels can be iffy but that's not the point) Essentially the story is that people are willing to pay more for meat that has been raised "not caged" or "free range" or
raised in a humane manner until they were slaughtered.

And they're willing to pay almost twice as much! I know this for a fact, because I'm one of those people. Luckily for me I get most of my beef/pork direct from a small hobby farm I know of but when I go grocery shopping I look for eggs from cage free chickens etc. ( You definitely find less bruising in your chicken meat that way.)
Anyhoo, the big argument for immigration is "lettuce would go up twice as much!". Yeah, so what? Lettuce is so cheap that distributors started to package it in ready made packs that
a) don't have to be washed but
b) can give you e coli, but
c) are easy and
d) cost a bundle. I buy them.
Why not a new label....

"Harvested by legal farm workers making $15/hour"

I'd pay extra. Those that don't care or can't afford the difference can continue to buy the iffy produce. Illegal immigration is continuing. Let's label it and buy our way out.