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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Great Scholarship on N Korea

These are the "scholars":
By Anatol Lieven and John Hulsman, ANATOL LIEVEN is a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington. JOHN HULSMAN is a scholar in residence at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. Their new book is "E

Read the piece, it's pretty short and I really don't think it's been written tongue in cheek, but listen to this:
In the long run, North Korea's nuclear weapons are an overwhelming problem only for its neighbors, and it should be their responsibility to sort this problem out. Of course, they may fail — but then, the U.S. record in the region over the last decade has not exactly been one of success.

The U.S. is already reducing its troop levels on the Korean peninsula; it should accelerate the process and move rapidly toward ending its military presence. Moreover, it should negotiate a peace treaty with North Korea. This will remove Pyongyang's motive to attack U.S. interests, ensure that China could never again attack U.S. forces in a ground war and allow the U.S. to concentrate instead on maintaining its overwhelming lead over China in naval and air power.

Yes a Peace Treaty! And we don't have any worries as long as they are not motivated to attack our interests. Do these "scholars" think we have no interest in China, or S. Korea, or Japan? Do they have a clue how the economy works? Or even radiation? Have they read the latest threat to send a missile if we don't agree to direct talks?
"If the United States continues to take a hostile attitude and apply pressure on us in various forms, we will have no choice but to take physical steps to deal with that."

In other news, I LOVED this headline in the BBC:
Press split on N Korea response
So now the "news" is what the press thinks! lol

And also from the UK the TimesOnline notes the reason for the test. Sadly the reasoning doesn't follow through. If N Korea is looking for more aid, they've neglected to think through the future with import bans etc that getting placed there now. We call those consequences.