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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

American Snipers

After their propaganda snuff film the other day, I have removed CNN from the tabbed list of news sources I look at every day and taken off my email alert of their breaking news. That one made me spitting mad. Today Michelle Malkin follows up on the story, putting her anger to work. She shares addresses for supporting OUR snipers. Click through to her to get the links to work.
Now I want to turn my anger into something productive. I am asking you to combat CNN's glorification of Iraqi jihadist snipers by supporting American snipers. Seems like the only time American snipers earn CNN and other international media organization's attention is when they make mistakes and can be tarred as reckless killers.

Americansnipers.org (formerly Adopt a Sniper) collects items to support our troops. You can read letters from the front here. Donate here.