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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Migrant Workers

I read the same story that Uncorrelated refers to in this post, but missed the point he found. lol. In regards to not getting fruit picked at harvest being Congress's fault:
For decades, Mr. Ivicevich said, migrant pickers would knock on his door asking for work climbing his picking ladders. Then about five years ago they stopped knocking, and he turned to a labor contractor to muster harvest crews.

I was thinking, "so you have to advertise now, and raise your rates." Uncorrelated nots that the migrant workers stopped knocking five years ago. Before the big, keep our borders safe push began.
If he was having problems five years ago, you can hardly point the finger at increased border enforcement, now can you? According to the breathless reports of the media, some half million illegals crossed the border every year for those five years--a far larger number than in the 80s and 90s when migrants were knocking on Mr. Ivicevich's door.

The problem isn't that we don't have enough illegals, its that they are taking better jobs.
So Mr. Ivicevich's problem is that these illegals also are aware of how things work here. Hmmm, become a roofer and make $30/hr, or become a picker and make $5/hr....? What to do, what to do. And hence Mr. Ivicevich has no pickers. And it's the fault of the current Congress. Uncorrelated has some suggestions for Mr. Ivicevich that are worth noting.