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Monday, September 18, 2006

Is the Pope Catholic?

Americablog just thinks he's supposed to be spin machine. Not the infallible head of the Catholic Church.

I wonder what Chavez and Ahmadijinad are talking about inregards to the Pope row these days? Since they're so close.

(speaking of the Pope's infallibility, Godweb has this to say:
Even the most staunch defenders of the Papacy and of the Roman Catholic Church understand that infallibility applies to teachings of the Pope only when he is speaking ex cathedra, that is, on behalf of the whole church and in ways that are consistent with its councils, and with the collective wisdom of its cardinals and bishops as the truth has been revealed to them over time.

Further, infallibility applies only when the Pope is speaking about matters of faith or morals. For example, when the Vatican press office issues a statement of the Pope concerning a hotly contested, political issue, such statements are not regarded as being infallible, or even authoritative for all Christians.