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Friday, September 22, 2006

Interrogation Rules

I have a guest blogger today! He didn't mention if I could use his name, so I'll leave that out for now. But for all of you reading, he is very very smart and a bit of an insider with tons of great ideas. In regards to this story about the Senate/WH compromise......take it away:

You know….I watch the media “report” the events and I wonder if they have any sense of examination or perspective whatsoever….for a few weeks now, the MSM has been reporting that the valiant John McCain was standing up to the mean evil George Bush. Now, what exactly happened? Well, it was a teaming of John McCain, with Lindsay Graham (AF Reserve Lawyer), John Warner, Senior statesman of the Senate, WWII Navy Veteran and not a man to do things frivolously, and Susan Collins of Maine. Where were the Dem’s, claiming to stand with these Senators and gleefully watching the Repubs “self destruct.” What idiots!

What happened today? I watched all of the above Senators AND Duncan Hunter, no slouch himself….announcing the agreement between these Senators and who walks out? Drum roll: the National Security Advisor! And where were the Dems? Nowhere near, but guess what, Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi were ATTACKING wait for it…….wait for it…Hugo Chavez for going after the President!!!!

Does anyone NOT see that this might have all been a set up, I mean, McCain, yes, I buy he’s pissed off but Warner? Hmmm, what happened? A few Senators showed some backbone against the Administration burnishing their image as independent AND the GOP having a big tent. And the President looked like his usual determined guy and yet, what is he always accused of? Unwillingness to negotiate, and what happened? A negotiation? And where are the Dems, watching Fitzmas turn into ThanksAmitage!

To quote John McLaughlin……………Bu Bye!

(Thanks! And feel free to blog here anytime)