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Thursday, September 21, 2006


I can't let this guy go today. Remember back in high school - yeah, a while back but still - there was always somebody who'd just read Atlas Shrugs and then knew all the answers. And quoted Ayn Rand every second. This book was the be all and end all. There were others out there too, but you remember the person. The one who read one, yes, one book and then knew all the answers. Never giving the whole complete picture. ie in Atlas Shrugs it's all about competition and how good it is. And it is - I'm not knocking it. And the book was good and had tons of good points. But the book never does mention (as it concerns railroads) that the railroads received their land free from the taxpayers. They didn't do it themselves. They received protection from in the west from the taxpayers. In other words, big business is great and fine but "the people" generally subsidize parts of it. No big deal. Again, I'm not knocking the book just reminding you of those people who became all out capitalists because of The Book. So now we have Hugo Chavez who also has read a book. Good for him.
He's still a dumbass.

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