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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why we're hated

One more post today because it was funny. You think we have ridiculous opinion columns? I was searching for other perspectives in other newspapers and came across this column in Pravda. "Why the world hates todays USA"
You have to be curious right?
On the example of a cult-figure with very much influence in the USA , publicist and journalist Ann Coulter, the matter may be made transparent: You really don't know who is Ann Coulter? She is the most named power woman of the USA. And she is rightwing, Republican, a real woman out of steel and with an atomic brain and - she is blond and she assumes to be intelligent. This assumption requires a heavy theory of relativity - as follows:

It goes on and on and Ann is the center of things. "most named power woman of the USA"???!!
This person isn't in a different country but on a different planet!