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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The UN Resolution

Memorize the number of the latest UN Resolution. (sadly I read it this morning but can't find it again. It will be out again) Here is a quick rundown from Secretary Rice.
Based on that it sounds like a good plan to me. American Future sees a lot of ambiguity about who is going to be in charge of the border and what power they will have. Michelle Malkin and others see this as surrender.

From our interests we have a couple of things that seem clearish.
1 - Hezbollah may have been defeated eventually but without defeating Iran and Syria would never have disappeared. and
2 - no one was really wanting to take on Iran and Syria. so
3- having a resolution that behooves Hezbollah to behave and discusses stopping the illegal entry of arms to Hezbollah and allowing Israel to act defensively does not sound like a bad plan here. and
4. - the more the UN is found to be not only helpless but counterproductive, the more it is in everyone's interests to keep it from becoming completely ineffective, (Ok, ok - we are very close to that point now, but you know what I mean. ) so theoretically people will be eyeing this action closely. Like I said, memorize the number.
and of course
5-The Lebanese Govt will be bearing the responsibility here. Hezbollah is part of the govt. Treat this growing democracy with some respect and they will get stronger.
and 6 (added later) This resolution includes the handover of the 2 Israeli prisoners. That's the reason they went to war and getting them back should signal the basic start of the end. Michelle would like to use Israel to wipe out Hezbollah for us. I don't think that's fair to ask of them without more assistance from us. If they want out - and I can only assume if they pass an ok to this resolution that they do - then they should have that out. They are not surrendering here.

I know - I am a glass half full kind of person. So in the interests of less war, if Lebanon and Israel support this, then I will too.