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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well, I'm a linker and today, with the terrorist plot disrupted, is a day for people who blog better than I. Also you'll wnat to read people who can update throughout the day. Apparently authorities in Pakistan uncovered some tapes from wannabe martyrs and that led to the investigation.
Michelle Malkin is all over this.
The Jawa Report is also always a good link.
And aren't you interested, just a bit on what the loons are thinking? Kos blames the UK connection to Bush. I wonder what Kos was thinking when it was Clinton's troops and WTC getting blown up?
Tim Blair blames the Presbyterians.

I'm curious when the plot was going to happen. Tomorrow? 8/11?

Blackfive notes some things.
It is in the interest of tolerant, moderate Muslims worldwide to root out and rat out the jihadis. Nobody will give the guy wearing the keffiyeh a second glance as soon as guys in keffiyehs stop blowing people up in the name of Allah.

ps, don't forget about the Dearborn arrests. and here are photos of the missing Egyptian students meant to be in Montana.

That's enough.
But let's throw in a Steyn column just for fun.