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Friday, August 04, 2006

This weekend

I'll be out of the blogging arena this weekend. The last time this happened Zarqawi was killed. Something good happened the time before that too, but I don't remember. So maybe when I get back:

-Nato will have taken care of Afghanistan and there will be peace.
-The bombing in Iraq will be done as the entire country unites to protect itself from Iran.
-Ahmadijinad finds himself killed by his own people because they are tired of the world linking him with the loon Chavez.
-Hugo goes broke and finds that like many people with money .....as soon as its gone, his friends dry up.
-Speaking of drying up, Castro's bones dry up this weekend as they've been dead since Argentina.
-And lets throw in Nasrallah gets killed by one of his own bombers since they clearly can't aim worth crap. (or maybe they were aiming straight...hmmmm)

Have a good one!