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Sunday, August 13, 2006


On that Pew poll asking people if they thought of themselves first as citizens of their country or as Muslims.

Because 81% of British Muslims think of themselves as Muslims first many people are trying to attach a problem to that. I think the premise is misguided.
Doesn't the Marine Corp saying say something about being faithful to "God" THEN "Country, Family and the Corps"?
I suspect many reporters and/or bloggers forget what being religious is about. God comes first.

Now granted, Country is number 2. And in the number 2 spot, it deserves not getting blown to bits, but I think people are putting way too big of an emphasis on this poll. The way the question is asked, many good Christians would agree with Mulims and say they think of themselves as Christians first.
As always, Steyn is fun to read.
Grant for the sake of argument that these reports are true -- that when the bloodthirsty Zionist warmongers attack all those marvelous Hezbollah social outreach programs it drives British subjects born and bred to plot mass murder against their fellow Britons. What does that mean?